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XCUBE Architects was formed and registered with Board of Architects, Singapore in 2007. We started our practice focusing on providing architectural services in residential housing, interior design and upgrading projects.  In recent years, we have also expanded our capabilities into areas such as commercial, industrial and theming projects


In XCUBE Architects, we believe that every project is a collaboration effort between the client, the consultants and the contractors.  Our passion is to serve as the ‘Black Box’ of the project and ensure that all design and construction challenges ‘accumulate’ on the one end; and emerge in the other the architecture, the dream and the pride of the project. 


At XCUBE Architects, we embrace changes and technology.  Every project is a New Norm, New Process and New Beginning.  Our experiences serve as the ‘lighthouse’ to our creative and innovation exploration.  While technology are tools that assist us to visualize the spaces and design solutions.                

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